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Is there a PONY Baseball and Softball Coaching Education Program requirement?
PONY Baseball and Softball coaches are strongly encouraged to participate in the program, but currently there is no requirement at the national level. However, there are state and local PONY Baseball and Softball organizations that mandate the courses for their coaches. Check with your individual league administrator to determine whether there is a requirement for your league.

What are the online courses being offered through ASEP?
PONY Coaching Youth Baseball
PONY Coaching Youth Softball

How much do the courses cost?
The courses are $19.95 each.

How do I purchase the course?
Visit https://us.humankinetics.com/blogs/pony-coaching.

Can our league purchase courses in bulk and distribute them to our coaches?
Yes. Click here for a PDF with detailed instructions on how to purchase and assign courses in bulk. However, there is no discount for courses purchased in bulk.

What is the course format?
The courses are PDF-based courses, meaning course takers do not receive any ancillary course materials (no book, CD, or video) in the mail. All course content is delivered electronically.

How long is the certification valid?
The PONY coaching education standard is currently under review. If you're a coach taking the course this year, your certification will be valid indefinitely. If you took the course in the past, your certification has been extended indefinitely, and no recertification is required at this time.

How long does it take to complete the course?
The average is 3 to 4 hours to complete the course. This assumes the user completes all the suggested reading.

Can someone not affiliated with PONY Baseball or Softball take the courses?
Yes, but we would recommend the coach consult his or her organization to ensure that the PONY version will satisfy the coaching education requirements of the non-affiliated organization. If a person is taking the course for his or her own professional development and not to satisfy a requirement, the coach would simply select Other from the drop-down menu during the registration process.

Do coaches receive a certificate of course completion?
Coaches have the ability to print a certificate of completion directly from the site. However, we will not mail certificates.

Will there be a National Coaches Registry for the site?
Yes, there will be a coaches’ registry, but it will not be open to the public. Only administrators will have access to the registry to run reports for their individual leagues.

What are the technical requirements for viewing the course?
Click here for a detailed listing of technical requirements.

Are the courses available in a format other than online?
No. PONY Coaching Youth Baseball and PONY Coaching Youth Softball courses are available only as online courses.

What if I don’t have a computer?
Most schools and public libraries have computers available for anyone to use. And it’s simple—and often free—to set up an e-mail account through major Internet providers such as Yahoo! and Hotmail (Microsoft).

Can I order courses over the phone? Do I have to use a credit card?
We prefer coaches purchase their courses through the Web site with a credit card, but we understand some people prefer to place their orders via phone. In these instances, call 800-747-5698. When ordering over the phone, be sure to mention that you’re affiliated with PONY. ASEP works with a number of baseball and softball organizations, so we want to be sure you receive the PONY version of the course.